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a little [story]

Once upon a time, there was a magical box. It wasn't just any old box; it was a treasure box of enchanting English language books for little readers . . .

Each month, as if by the wave of a fairy's wand, the magical box would land on the doorsteps of happy boys and girls across Spain. Its purpose was simple yet profound: help parents find inclusive, wondrously crafted tales that transported their littlest readers on daring adventures or to far-away lands.

But one day, the boxes stopped. The children were sad — until they discovered the secret: the boxes hadn't vanished forever, they were just taking a break, a little Snow White–style slumber, to make room for a new dream that was beginning to unfold:

If so much magic could be packed into a box for little readers...

The whimsical little[story] section of the bookshop was springing to life — a dreamy space that beckons young readers into a world of wonder and imagination. With this new quest nearly complete, the boxes could return, somewhat transformed, to bring that same wonder and imagination back home, one book at a time. 

Story Box

We're excited to relaunch monthly book boxes later this winter.

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If so much magic could be packed into a box for little readers, just imagine what’s in sto
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