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Written by two brain experts, this STEM picture book is packed with fascinating science and fun facts about the importance of sleep that will have kids excited to get a good night's rest!

Go to sleep and grow your brain!


During the day, your brain helps you do things like eat, walk, play with friends, and learn new things ― and using your brain helps it stretch and get stronger. But did you know that you have the power to grow and train your brain just by going to sleep? In fact, while you're resting, your brain is doing some of its most important work!


Learn about the important jobs your brain does at night like:

  • Locking in what you learned during the day
  • Resetting itself so that it's ready when you wake up
  • Even taking a bath to make sure it's clean and healthy!


Perfect for parents and educators, Good Night to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain is an excellent tool to teach kids about brain development, growth mindset, and the power of making healthy choices like getting enough sleep!

Good Night to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

SKU: 9781728220284
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