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Give teens the tools to decipher their emotions, understand themselves, and improve their lives.

The simple and empowering message of In My Feelings is that emotions, especially unpleasant ones, are not just to be avoided, controlled, or treated. Emotions can serve as a source of information that teens can use to make decisions and help them live their best lives.
The path to emotional health for teens lies in improving their ability to recognize, understand, manage, and use emotions. Dr. Vidal Annan encourages teens to think of emotions as messengers or sources of data that they can access and use to set and achieve goals, and to continue to grow and develop. In My Feelings starts by exploring what it means to be a teenager, what emotions are, and why people have them. In the second part of the book, Dr. Annan delves into specific emotions that teens may be experiencing daily.
In My Feelings helps teens develop their emotional literacy and tap into the power of their emotions to improve their mental health.

In My Feelings: A Teen Guide to Discovering What You Feel...

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