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Books deserve to be shared. That’s why we’re going to try something new. In addition to offering thousands of new books throughout the store, we’re also building a membership library on our lower level.


What does that mean?


For 12€/month, you can “check out” 2 books at a time. Bring them back and get a new round — as many times a month as you want. Think about it as one big on-going book exchange, where you can make infinity swaps. 

Plus, we'll treat members to a free coffee each time you drop by the shop.


Every month

Monthly membership to our community library

Valid until canceled

Check out 2 books at a time

Unlimited swaps every month

Already a member? Manage your membership here...


What kind of books will be in the library?

We're starting with a collection of pre-loved books, many of which have been published within the last few years and all of which are in great, nightstand-worthy condition. We've got an array of adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as kids' chapter and picture books. We'll also be selectively adding some new books to the collection to keep it current and interesting for readers.


Can I contribute my own pre-loved books to the library?

YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU! To get books that interest the community, there’s no better place to source them than from the community. Drop us an email ( or bring them in to the shop and we'd be thrilled to add them to the collection. We're just trying to stick to the genres mentioned above, and won't (for now) have things like encyclopedias, reference or textbooks, or cookery.

Can more than one person use my membership?

How you divide the membership is up to you. From our side, it’s just a one-in/one-out policy, with a max “out” of 2 at a time. You can decide how you want to manage the membership within your own household.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum amount of time? And how do I cancel?

There's no long-term commitment and you can cancel whenever you want. You just have to make sure you cancel in advance of the next billing cycle (which you can manage yourself through the online billing platform). The only thing we ask is that you make sure to bring any "checked out" books back in within 2 weeks of cancellation.


Can I ever get more than 2 books at a time?

As the library grows and we can better understand our members’ needs, we may introduce other plans with more books. But at least to start, we’re keeping everyone to a 2 book max.

What happens if I lose a book? Or spill coffee all over it while I'm reading it?

Accidents happen. We get it. (Kate's dog, for example, hate-eats her books and leaves sad, shredded remains all over the living room if he's left too long without a walk.) All we ask is that you help us cover the cost of replacing it (8€) so the library stays full. You can pay us when you come in.


Um…libraries are free. Why isn’t yours?
Well this, dear reader, is a great question. Many libraries get public funding to house their books, build their collections, and manage inventory and operations. We don’t. But we do believe in the value a library brings — its “circular economy” nature, the community, the sharing of books and ideas — so we’re going to try and make this work in a way that’s sustainable for both you and our small business! 

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